• About

    Shan Russell, MS, LPC, NCC, CAMS-II

    It takes courage and commitment to begin the therapy process. It is my hope that through the creation of a safe, non-judgmental space and a collaborative relationship, clients will be able to explore their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Whether it’s related to relationships, work, family, or even nothing that you can identify at all.

    As the therapist, I will provide that space and relationship, as well as insight, skills, knowledge, emotional support, guidance, and encouragement that can lead each person to make the changes he or she is seeking. Together, we can help you achieve your goals of developing a life that is happier and more meaningful. Ignoring the problem is not the answer even though it seems easier. I understand that the choice of a therapist is an important one. The trust that is built between the client and the therapist is important in determining how helpful therapy can be.

    As a Licensed Professional Counselor, I will walk with you, step by step, and provide that safe place where healing always begins. My experience, expertise, and training is in providing psychotherapy to those who have been through difficult life experiences. I enjoy helping you move from feeling anxious and stuck to feeling confident in your own abilities. I specialize in individual, group and couple counseling for issues related to depression, anxiety, anger, conflict, grief, and life transitions. We will explore obstacles in your life that keep you in the same, unsatisfying place, so you can then find a more balanced and fulfilling life.

    It’s typical to feel nervous about starting therapy especially for the first time. The first phone contact can ease your mind. You may find the first visit to be much more comfortable than you imagined. We will work together on your journey to a better place. Sunflower Counseling Services can bring brightness to your day. The sunflower represents happiness, strength, positivity, loyalty and support. Scheduling is based on your needs. I can generally schedule people quickly and offer convenient morning, afternoons, evening, and weekend appointments. A confidential voicemail can be left at any time.